Video Prison Visitor Platform


The Challenges

How to facilitate prison visits while ensuring the security and safety of all those involved.


Often the proximity of the prison relative to the family is not conducive to regular visits.


The Solution

Vu2Visit is a safe, secure, and fully automated video prison visitor platform eliminating long queues in the visiting area of a prison facility and avoiding the chaos of having a high volume of visitors. In so doing, the platform also minimises staffing requirements.


The platform is configured to create an efficient, safe and automated scheduling process linked to a website where visitor requests are made. Visitors identities can be verified utilising an optional two-factor authentication process. State issued identification cards with iris and finger print identification ensure the visitors identification. The platform then performs all automated conflict checks and notifies the corresponding authorities of the visit.


Our Vu2Visit Platform is tailormade for prison facilities to move beyond traditional in-person visits to a more secure remote alternative. Vu2Visit will help facilities of any size improve security. In addition, friends, family, and professional visitors are given a convenient, accessible way to stay in contact with prisoners. Video terminals can be installed throughout the prison minimising the security risk associated with the movement of prisoners.


Visitors can conduct their visits through most PCs, laptops, and tablets (Android or Apple iOS devices) or by attending a dedicated video terminal at a local community centre without entering the prison facility. As these video sessions are conducted in an outside environment, prison officers are provided with several monitoring/recording tools to prohibit any illicit activity.


With the security features built into the Vu2Visit system, prison guards monitoring the video sessions have the ability to record, interrupt, or terminate any video link for inappropriate conduct. For video sessions that are classified as professional visits, the recording feature can be disabled, in order to comply with all legal requirements.