Security Consulting Services


Security Vulnerability Assessment

The first step in the process of managing security risks is to identify and analyze the threats and the vulnerabilities facing a facility by conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA). The SVA is a systematic process that evaluates the likelihood that a threat against a facility will be successful. It considers the potential severity of consequences to the facility itself, to the surrounding community and on the energy supply chain.

MASWARE has extensive approach in Security System to provide team-based approach that combines the multiple skills and knowledge of the various participants to provide a complete security analysis of the facility and its operations.

By conducting a SVA, We identify security hazards, threats, and vulnerabilities facing a facility, and to evaluate the countermeasures to provide for the protection of the public, workers, national interests, the environment, and the company. With this information security risks can be assessed and strategies can be formed to reduce vulnerabilities as required. SVA is a tool to assist management in making decisions on the need for countermeasures to address the threats and vulnerabilities.

Functional Specification Document (FSD)

A functional specification in engineering development is the documentation that describes the requested behavior of an engineering system. We develop the documentation along with necessary Engineering drawings which describes client requirement. FSD is reference document based on which bid is made on for the specific project.

FSD clearly and accurately describes the essential technical requirements for items, materials, or services including the procedures, standards by which it can be determined that the project requirements have been met.

Specifications help bidders to propose proper system meeting the client requirement, environmental conditions, allow for accurate estimates of necessary work and resources, act as a negotiation and reference document for engineering changes and provide documentation of configuration. They provide a precise idea of the project to be implemented so that they can efficiently design the system and estimate the cost of project.

We prepare on clients request Material List and budgetary Cost estimate for the project, which acts as reference material for the client during the bidding stage of the project.

Detail Design (DD)

Detailed Design is the process of developing a fully defined project design from a clear set of requirements while creating deliverables and documentation appropriate for project implementation.

MAS possesses extensive experience and technical knowledge which is utilized in producing Engineering deliverables for construction t. This typically includes detailed engineering drawings, System Design Manual, Material take off list, product data sheets and Engineering Calculations, which provides all necessary construction details and System information required prior to construction.

Project Management and Control (PMC)

Driven by customer concerns for cost effectiveness, reduction of corporate staff functions and a general trend toward adoption of a doing more with less’ philosophy, MAS offers a variety of program management and technical support services to its customers.

MASWARE has an outstanding track record as a PMC contractor. As program manager we form a working partnership to ensure that customer interests and business objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner. This operational methodology produces a quality program that is safe, cost effective, technically sound, environmentally compliant and deliverable in a minimum time frame.

MASWARE understands the importance of managing all the component parts of a project equally; we manage the whole by managing the pieces. We pay close attention to the small tasks that, if overlooked, can create a flow on effect on scheduled milestones or costs. This philosophy is a cornerstone of our approach to program management.